Red Santa: Family Gifting

We would like to have everything by Dec. 17th. We will also put a donation jar out in church near the sign up sheets for anyone who would like to donate cash. For any donated items, we will have the room across from the office set up with tables. Every year our church has
come together to make one family happy and bring smiles to children who other wise would have nothing.

2 Year Old Little Girl
Likes Minnie Mouse, books
Needs clothes (sizes: shirt-2T, pants-2T, shoes-6, coat-3T)

5 Year Old Little Boy
Likes Thomas the Tank Engine, books
Needs clothes (sizes: shirt-6/7, pants-6/7, shoes-1, coat-6/7)

9 Year Old Little Girl
Likes Monster High dolls, books
Needs clothes (sizes: shirt-12, pants-12, shoes-3, coat-12)