Sunday School

IMMANUEL SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:15 to 10:15 am

Sunday School opens with a multi-generational music time from 9:15 to 9:30. This is a time where kids in Sunday School and the adult Sunday School class come together to share God’s love through music. Everyone is invited!

Children's Sunday School: Lessons begin at 9:30 and include Bible Stories, games, crafts and music that engage kids to think about their faith.

NOISY OFFERING: Our kids will be collecting noisy offering for Youth Activities. Thank you for your help!

Jesus brings hope to others. We can bring hope to others too!

Sunday SchoolTeachers: We will be following the Children's Bulletin for our combined Sunday School Classes each week. 

1st Sunday of the Month: Paige

2nd Sunday of the Month: Phyllis

3rd Sunday of the Month: Sandy

4th Sunday of the Month: Kristina

Kristi will fill in where necessary as a sub. If you have any questions please contact Kristi at 512.909.8720; thank you!


Come and see!