Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is an important ministry at Immanuel Lutheran Church (West Taylor). The overall goal of the altar guild is to see that the worship space is kept beautiful and in good order, both to glorify God and to provide a setting that helps enable the congregation to worship in a meaningful way.

It is a service of faith and love to the Holy One. It involves humility in the presence of God; and is renewed by confession and absolution. Remembering who we are in the sight of God makes us grateful for his forgiveness and moves us to serve God in this unique ministry.

 The Altar Guild's purpose is as follows:

  1. To care for the worship space, its furnishings, linens, paraments and appointments using appropriate seasonal colors of the church.
  2. To prepare the worship space for all services, including Sunday worship, communion, special services, weddings and funerals.
  3. To care for vestments of the pastor, assisting ministers and acolytes.
  4. To study and constantly grow in understanding of the worship practices of the church.

The paschal candle is a large decorative candle that symbolized our Lord's glorious Easter triumph over the darkness of death and sin. It is reminiscent of the pillar of cloud and fire that led the people of God to the Promised Land. Paschal candles have been used in worship since the fifth century. The paschal candle remains in the central position in the chancel throughout the weeks of Easter, and it is lit for all worship services during the season.  On the Day of Pentecost (or on Ascension Day, though Pentecost is preferable, to reflect the unity of the great 50 days of Easter), the candle is extinguished by an acolyte as the gospel reading concludes. The paschal candle is lit for each Baptism. It is a visual connection between Baptism and Easter, reminding us that in our Baptism we are buried and raised with Christ. Small baptismal candles are lit from the paschal candle for presentation to the baptized.

Immanuel Lutheran Church’s Altar Guild meets prior to the 1st Sunday in Advent for an annual meeting to discuss any concerns and review responsibilities.  Following the meeting, the church is decorated for Christmas.  Currently, Donna Rinehart serves as the Altar Guild Coordinator.

2017 Altar Guild Members

January: Rebecca Borgne, Roxanna Teichelman

February: Teresa Wendland, Debra Rinderknecht

March: Claris Randig, Tricia Sheppard, Donna Rinehart

April: Claris Randig, Tricia Sheppard, Donna Rinehart

May: Kathleen Stanko and Donna Rinehart

June: Rebecca Borgne, Roxanna Teichelman, and Teresa Wendland

July: Donna Rinehart and Cindy Bailey

August: Claris Randig, Tricia Sheppard, Barbara Johle

September:  Bonnie Kaderka and Evelyn Remmert

October: Kristina Weise and Kristi Talley

November: Cheryle Kruger, Pam Leschber, Meagan Kruger