It’s the Nativity Kick-Off Party And You and your family are invited!
Sunday, October 15, 2017 At 5 p.m. Immanuel Lutheran Church
411 CR 401, Taylor

This year our meal will be Pot Luck So…….Bring your favorite dish to share!
It’s time to…… meet the new members of the Nativity Family


if you have other family or friends that you know would like to be in the
Nativity…. now is the time to invite them to the party so we can get them signed up.

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Bonnie Gordon 512-365-8683
Kathleen Stanko 512-635-4569

It takes about 135 people for Nativity to work. There are openings in all areas. We will be visiting area churches dressed in costume to let others know about the need for cast members. If you are interested in participating in this endeavor…or would like for this to happen at your church…now would be the time to talk about it. For visiting churches we would need permission from your pastor as well as a date that would work. Give this some thought and bring it to the Planning Meeting.

Cast and Crew members needed …

  • Angel–speaking and non-speaking
  • Imbedded crowd people to walk with tours
  • People in the market
  • Venue people
  • The family going to pay their taxes – speaking (we usually have a husband, wife and one or two children…(children do not have to be their own)
  • People to greet everyone as they come and go
  • Guide – speaking
  • Gabriel – speaking
  • Mary and Joseph – speaking
  • Inn keeper – speaking
  • Guard – some will be speaking
  • Shepherds – speaking and non-speaking
  • Wise men – speaking
  • Choir
  • Guitar and keyboard musician
  • Kitchen helpers to feed the cast
  • People to help park cars

Team leaders for 2017 are:

  • Stage Managers/Cast Coordinators – Bonnie Gordon/Kathleen Stanko
  • Script Coordinator – Dannie Volek
  • Construction Coordinators – Morgan Wendland
  • Lighting Coordinator – Robert Brady/Robert Rinehart
  • Costume Coordinator – Claris Randig
  • Choir Coordinators – Anita Volek/Evelyn Remmert
  • Parking Coordinator – Chris Fritz
  • Props Coordinator – Phyllis Johnson
  • Advertising/Signs Coordinators – Phyllis Johnson/Sandy Trussell
  • Kitchen Coordinator for Construction Days – Phyllis Johnson
  • Kitchen Coordinator for Nativity Days – still looking for this one
  • Welcome/Farewell Coordinators – Phyllis Johnson/Bonnie Kaderka
  • Angels/Shepherds Coordinators – Debra Rinderknecht/Sandy Trussell

Bonnie G                                      512-365-8683







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