Flower Donation

Altar Flowers – A Beautiful Gift

Flowers are symbolic of our joy in Christ as well as our human frailty. Flowers are used universally to adorn the worship space. However, they are often – and appropriately – omitted during the penitential times of the church year (Lent, Holy Week, and Advent). Only the freshest flowers should be used, and their color and arrangement should be consistent with the season or festival being observed.  Because flowers are used for their symbolism of life, joy and human frailty – "All flesh is grass, and all its beauty is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades." [Isaiah 40: 7-8). Artificial flowers have no purpose and no place in the worship service

Each week beautiful flowers grace the altar of our church.  You may wonder how this works and why there are flowers.  Donating altar flowers is a simple way to honor a loved one, to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or other milestone.  Flowers may be given in thanksgiving for friends or family, in memory of someone, or simply to glorify God and beautify the altar. 

At the end of the previous year the altar guild coordinator will provide a signup sheet for the new year so that you can select a date that may have special meaning to you so that you can bring flowers for the altar.  Your name and the reason you have donated flowers will appear in the bulletin on the Sunday you select. 

Flowers donated for this year are listed below:

1/1/17 Bryan & Rhonda Haun in memory of Cecil Remmert

1/8/17 Pam & Larry Leschber, to the Glory of God

1/15/17 Morgan & Teresa Wendland, in memory of Mildred & Charlie Wendland

1/22/17 Robert & Donna Rinehart, to the glory of God

1/29/17 Adam & Megan Krueger, in honor of Megan’s 30th birthday

2/5/17 Jimmie & Tricia Sheppard

2/12/17 Bobby & Sandra Krueger

2/19/17 Matt & Paige Morris family

2/26/17 Josh & Kristina Weise/Tyler & Kristi Talley

3/5/17 Bethany & Russ Grissom

3/12/17 Doug & Melissa Weise

3/19/17 Morgan & Teresa Wendland

3/26/17 Evelyn Remmert

4/2/17 Arthur & Anna Siptak

4/9/17 Palm Sunday

4/16/17 Easter lilies & Flower Cross

4/23/17 Cheryle Kruger

4/30/17 Shirley Mundkowsky, in memory of Gene Mundkowsky

5/7/17 Phyllis & Harvey Johnson

5/14/17 Happy Mother’s Day

5/21/17 Bethany & Russ Grissom

5/28/17 Adam & Megan Kruger

6/4/17 Pentecost (red flowers)

6/11/17 Josh & Kristina Weise, in honor of Kileigh’s birthday

6/18/17 Happy Father’s Day

6/25/17 Nancy Werchan, in honor of Lena Lantzsch’s 90th birthday!!

7/2/17 Bryan & Rhonda Haun, in honor of Bryan’s 59th birthday

7/9/17 Rick Kruger, in honor of Cheryle’s 57th birthday

7/16/17 Robert & Donna Rinehart, in honor of their birthdays (July 7th & 14th)

7/23/17 Sharon Fritz, given to the glory of God

7/30/17 Bonnie & Robert Kaderka, given to the glory of God

8/6/17 Larry & Pam Leschber, in honor of their 43rd wedding anniversary  

8/13/17 Tyler & Kristi Talley, in honor of Thatcher’s 1st birthday

8/20/17 Justin Johnson (Cheryle Kruger) in honor of Tracie’s 30th birthday

8/27/17 Rebecca Borgne & Roxana Teichelman, in memory of Madeline & Edwin Teichelman

9/3/17 Kathleen Stanko, given to the glory of God

9/10/17 Sandy Trussell, given to the glory of God

9/17/17 Josh & Kristina Weise, in honor of Myleigh’s birthday

9/24/17 Sharon Balusek, in honor of Ken’s birthday10/1/17 Jimmy & Melanie Weise

10/1/17 Jimmy & Melanie Weise, given to the glory of God

10/8/17 Bobby & Sandra Krueger, in honor of Sarah’s birthday

10/15/17 Robert & Bonnie Kaderka, given to the Glory of God in honor of their birthdays (7th &21st)

10/22/17 Lena Lantzsch, in memory of Emanuel Lantzsch

10/29/17 Reformation Sunday celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation; red flowers donated

11/5/17 All Saint’s Sunday

11/12/17 Rick & Cheryle Kruger, in honor of Adam & Megan Kruger’s and Tracie & Justin Johnson’s wedding anniversaries

11/19/17 Kathleen Stanko, in memory of Rosella and Donna Bruder

11/26/17 Christ the King Sunday, flowers provided

12/3/17 Poinsettias

12/10/17 Poinsettias

12/17/17 Poinsettias

12/24/17 Poinsettias

12/31/17 Poinsettias