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Pastor Report

Wednesday evening Bible Study from 7pm – 8pm in the Fellowship Conference Room.

Child care will be available as there is need.

October is a big month in Lutheran circles. It centers and concludes with Reformation Day and this year we celebrate the 500th anniversary. On October 31st in the year 1517 Martin Luther posted 95 Thesis on the Wittenberg Church door in re- sponse to the actions of the Roman Catholic Church and this has become recognized as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. At that time all of Europe – known as the Holy Roman Empire – was under the religious rule of the Roman Catholic Church. In order to finance the building of St Peters Basilica in Rome, and maintain the political regime of the Papacy Leo X promoted the sale of “Indulgences”. 

A monk named John Tetzel was selling as many as he could in the Germanic states and sending the money to Rome. Indulgences are papal papers of forgiveness. The slogan Tetzel was using was “when a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from purgatory springs.” He was even preaching that the sins of those already deceased could be freed from their time in purgatory. Perhaps this sounds foolish to us today, but in Luther’s time it was taken seriously and even the poorest were led to believe that this was important. 

Luther and the Reformation's stand was, and is, that God’s grace cannot be purchased. 

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no one may boast. (Eph. 2:8-9 ESV)

The reformers penned The Augsburg Confession which states the basic Lutheran theology of the Christian faith according to the Holy Scriptures. From this and the other Protestant writings came the Reformation principal of “By Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Christ Alone”, and some add to the glory of God alone. (Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria) The Reformers adopted this phrase from 1Peter 1:17 “The Word of the Lord remains forever." (Verbum Domet in Manette Aeternum) and put these initials on all their uniforms “VDMA”. 

Martin Luther and the reformers are credited for bringing about theological thinking and practices Protestant Christians consider gospel today. The printing press was invented during this time and Lutherans published not only the Bible but all the documents of the Reformation in the language of the people. Previously Latin was the language of the church, and Greek and Hebrew had to be mastered to read and comprehend the scriptures. Putting these documents into the common language opened the scriptures to the people and changed the world. This is why we remember and celebrate the last Sunday in October as Reformation Day.

This month on the Hill

Happy Birthday and Anniversay to all those celebrating this month!

Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7pm

500th Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ’s
Annual Gathering
Oct 8th-11th in Minneapolis, MN

Cottage Meeting Oct. 15th following the church service with lunch

Nativity Kick-off Party Oct. 15th at 5pm

Polka Service Oct. 29th catered by Captain Red's

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Sunday School (3yrs – adult)
9:15am – 10:15am
1st and 3rd Sundays
Traditional Lutheran worship service with Holy Communion
Sunday Worship Services
10:30am to 11:30am
2nd and 4th Sundays
Praise and Worship services

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